Tiffani Francisco

Tiffani Francisco's teaching experience has been in a variety of settings: yoga studios (Yoga Works), fitness clubs (The Plaza with Radu), corporate conference rooms, private practice at clients' residences, volunteer for over five years at an HIV clinic and hospitals.


Some of her corporate clients: Cipriani Wall Street Residences (exclusive instructor), AKRF Engineering and XL Capital. Over the years Tiffani has achieved the mastery to interactively synthesize sequences that respond to the immediate needs of her students. This makes her teaching style ideal for clientele whose life demands high performance and optimized use of their time.


She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years. She received her 500 hour certified yoga license in 2002 from be Yoga - a program that incorporated yoga with ayurvedic principles. Gratitude to Alan Finger, Jean Koerner and Beverley Murphy. Since the initial teacher training she has been influenced by Mark Whitwell’s and Shiva Rea’s vinyasa methods as well as Anusara techniques from John Friend. Her additional training includes Anusara immersion with Lois Nesbit and a cohesive Chakra training with Shiva Rea and James Bailey. Her teaching style incorporates Iyengar alignment, vinyasa flow and attention to muscular energy within each asana. She offers couture vinyasa yoga inspired by the essence of yoga - the intent for all to tap into their own unique inner flow and light.

"I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don't know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten."      - Eckart Tolle